sbz   6th European Small Federations Games   ebl
Košice, Slovakia •24 - 26 september 2013

Grand Prix Slovakia • 27 - 29 september 2013


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This competition was established in 2007. It addresses the small NBO's of Europe which are not always able participate in the European Championship due to time and cost restraints. A 'small Federation' is defined as the NBO which has up to 500 registred members.

The purpose is the creation of a competetive space suitable for small entity, for teritorial and organizacional reason: European Small Federation Games.

The teams will complete a round-robin tournament, each round played with 12 boards.

Conditions of Contest:

 • Programme

Date Time ESFG2013 Event Place
Monday 23 September 19.00 Official opening Historical Town Hall, Main Street 59
20.00 Welcome coctail Historical Town Hall, Main Street 59
Tuesday 24 September 10.00 Round 1 Hotel Yasmin
12.00 Round 2 Hotel Yasmin
15.30 Round 3 Hotel Yasmin
17.30 Round 4 Hotel Yasmin
Wednesday 25 September 10.00 Round 5 Hotel Yasmin
10.30 Meeting of the EBL's Small Fed Commetee Hotel Yasmin
12.00 Round 6 Hotel Yasmin
15.30 Round 7 Hotel Yasmin
17.30 Round 8 Hotel Yasmin
Thursday 26 September 10.00 Round 9 Hotel Yasmin
12.00 Round 10 Hotel Yasmin
15.30 Round 11 Hotel Yasmin
20.00 Prize awarding ceremony and victory banquet Hotel Yasmin
Date Time Grand Prix Slovakia Event Place
Friday 27 September 10.00 Siteseeing tour of Košice Hotel Yasmin
15.00 Open teams, rounds 1 to 5 Hotel Yasmin
Saturday 28 September 10.00 Open teams, rounds 6 to 9 Hotel Yasmin
17.00 Open pairs, round 1 Hotel Yasmin
Sunday 29 September 10.00 Open pairs, round 2 Hotel Yasmin
15.00 Prize awarding ceremony Hotel Yasmin

 • Entries

ESFG2013. The right to participate include the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Grand Prix Slovakia.

Entry fees for pair tournaments: 60 Euro/pair.
Entry fees for team tournaments: 80 Euro/team.
Entry fees for juniors pairs or juniors teams is 20 Euro.

 • Information & Contact

For further information, please contact us on email address